A little of my story

A unique approach to design

What happens when you combine Professional Photography with Commercial & Advertising arts, an MBA and an MSc in computing...you get a designer that can bring your story to life on any platform!

My story started in Canada, growing up in a family business, studying Commercial & Advertising Arts and managing several businesses, including a photo studio for a national chain. At 28 I moved to Europe where I joined the corporate ranks in Shell, and continued with my studies.

Travelling around the world in corporate roles while further exploring my passion for photography, I soon discovered the world of scuba diving. Taking my photography underwater, I joined in on international underwater photo contests, winning a 1st place after only a year.

The coming of my first Grandchild in 2013 triggered my goodbye to corporate lifestyle, and a return to Canada to be close to my family. Once in Fort Nelson, the far north of BC, I quickly discovered that my new home was a veritable wildlife park, with stunning landscapes and wondrous light shows creating the backdrop! The opportunity to do more wildlife photography above water, earned me a chosen award at the 2018 Peace Liard Regional Arts Exhibition.

It is here in this wild north that I chose to combine my experience, education and passion for both business & creative design and open TGLC Design.

Whether personal or business, your story matters to me. I look forward to providing creative solutions that allow you to share YOUR unique story across any platform. From photography to business branding, advertising and web design. I am happy to support you in sharing your story!

Monicque Jacobs

TGLC Design - The Good Life Company

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